Save Your Summertime Tools and Toys:
Why Small Engines Like Lawn Mowers, Boats, and ATVs Need Extra Care

So, here is a new fuel tip that is sure to save you money and time. And it just might save your equipment.
We all know the damage that can occur using ethanol-based gasoline in our engines and especially smaller equipment like lawn equipment or recreational vehicles and marine toys. Mostly the damage occurs from ethanol fuel when the engine sits idle for a period of time and is not being used, such as over the winter. Water can accumulate in your fuel, and it causes the ethanol to drop out to the bottom of the tank (aka, phase separation). In the spring, when you fire your engines up they get a pure dose of ethanol, and, “So long, summertime activities!” And this sort of damage is most likely without warranty coverage.
woman on riding lawn mower

How to save money and your engine

Here is an inexpensive way to avoid the expense of running a non-ethanol gasoline, which costs approximately $0.50 gallon more then ethanol-based fuel, if you can even find it. For just a few pennies a gallon, add either our Gas Plus fuel supplement or Xtreme Marine fuel additive at the normal 1oz per 10 gallon treatment ratio and go ahead and run the ethanol E10 gasoline. Not only will this give you an A-rated corrosion protection, but also proper pH, acidity control, and you’re gonna gain a couple of points in octane to boot.
It’s not magic—just great chemistry! That doesn’t totally negate the problems you can have with ethanol, but it covers over 90% of them.

Think about this winter’s fuel problems today and protect your equipment

Now, over the winter months there is an easy way to avoid this ethanol separation problem. Simply fill your final tank with non-ethanol fuel and treat it with the PFS gas treatment of your choice.  Not only with it protect your system, but all PFS products have a stabilizer for storage to keep your fuel fresh and sweet over these long winter months, no other additive required.
In the spring when you fire up all of your equipment, it starts faster, runs better and you’re ready to start using ethanol-based fuel again and saving time and money. For those who do not have non-ethanol fuel available, just treat the E10 with PFS every time you get fuel, and before you start the equipment in the spring just make sure to shake the fuel in the equipment tank as best you can to remix the ethanol in the fuel. This can be as simple as shaking the equipment so that the fuel will slosh around in the tank as best as possible. Every piece of equipment is different so you may have to be creative.

For advanced users who really want to take care of their fuel systems

For those who are mechanically minded, you may choose to totally empty the fuel tank and fuel system including anything in the lines and carbs/injectors. Fill with fresh fuel and PFS in the spring and you’re ready to go!
This also works with our PFS Lead Plus lead substitute in older vehicles, not only for protection against the ethanol but also for the stability you need with older vehicles that have a tendency to sit for long periods of time—looking at you, vintage cars and trucks. Just keep those fuel tanks full of fuel and PFS.