Attn: PFS Customers,

Performance Fuel Specialists is committed to serving our customers during this difficult time and continue our operations.

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID19, PFS is working diligently to find solutions and make recommendations that will be beneficial for our customers. PFS appreciates your business and we all hope the very best for you and your families. With the drastic changes we have already seen and the unforeseen changes ahead we would like to make some recommendations that can make life easier when it is time to fire up the fleet. Whether you are shutting down for the duration or have equipment running overtime PFS is here to help.

For those who have fleets and equipment that has been shut down for the duration and bulk fuel in storage:

You need to take preparations to keep your equipment ready to be up and running without problems when the time comes. PFS can help!

  1. STABILIZE YOUR FUEL: All PFS fuel additives for Gas and Diesel applications contain a fuel stabilizer for storage and can add an additional year of protection to the life of your fuel. Just use any of our fuel additives at the nor- mal rate and keep you fuel refinery fresh. Why restart your fleet with stale fuel.
  2. STOCK UP NOW: Fuel prices are as low as they have been for a long time and we may never see them this low again. Fill you tanks now and dont forget the PFS and keep that fuel fresh as new.
  3. FILL YOUR TANKS: Fuel tanks that are full of fuel have little room for condensation to build up during the days of storage. Keeping the condensation from your tank can keep you fuel system safe from fuel system failure, freeze up and help retard the growth of microbes.
  4. BIOCIDE: Microbes will not be shutting down for the duration but to the contrary they will be working overtime. Our PFS FQS 1.5 Diesel/Gasoline Biocide works even harder. It is the highest quality biocide on the market today. It penetrates the water and fuel layers of the fuel for the greatest protection possible. It is extremely concentrated and can destroy these bugs keeping them from ever setting up permanent residence in your tanks
  5. TRUST: You can be confident that when you do get your fleet up and running again it will start and run just as if it had been never been in storage. Take this PFS challenge. The cost is small, but the benefits are huge!

For those of who are putting overtime on their equipment:

It is critical that you continue to run without problems and at peak performance. It is said that 2/3 the cost of a new engine is the fuel system components itself. Continuous use of PFS fuel additives every time you fill your tank will help keep you running and protect these expensive components.

  • Our Power Plus Diesel Supplement is a complete formula diesel fuel additive for summer use.
  • Our Gas Plus is also a complete formula gasoline additive for year around use in gasoline.
  • Check out our products and see what PFS can do for you!

We pray for your very best at this very difficult time and look forward to a continued relationship with all of you. Thank you for trusting PFS.

—Guy L Olson, The Fuel Guys President