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Tools To Help You Track and Test Your Fuel:

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Simple, easy and versatile, Made of 1018 laser cut and folded steel with a powder-coat finish, this wrench was made for the real world. It allows the user to remove and replace the 6 or 9 inch IBC tote lids, the plastic and steel 2 inch, and 3/4 inch drum bungs. In addition, the wrench can facilitate the DOT/UN specifications of the 50 -70 ft/lbs. torque wrench.    


These individual or convenient 10 pack Liqui-Cult Test Kits are used to detect microbial growth in fluids including diesel and gasoline. This simple to use test determines the type and degree of infestation. Easy to follow instructions and a color comparison chart included with the kit.  Simply add a small sample of fuel to the provided liquid and wait for 30 to 72 hours for results. A preventive maintenance must.        


This filter cutter is used to cut open spin-on filters to inspect the filter media for contamination such as the slime produced by microbial contamination etc.. This is essential for diagnosing potential engine problems. Filters should be inspected whenever they have been replaced. Cuts filters from 2 7/8” to 6 1/4” diameter. Features two position adjustable height cutting blade. This is a great tool.            


These thermo-hydrometers are great for testing the fuel blends. Is it # 1, #2, or the blend you ordered?  Testing the specific gravity of a fuel can help in determining the blend you have. It has an API gravity range between 29 and 51 and works for all diesel fuels.  The conversion table is built into the inner thermometer. They are easy to use with no experience needed. Testing a diesel fuels specific gravity gives you the protection of knowing that the fuel blend is really what you ordered. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and takes only a minute.  Choose from our hydrometer & cylinder with carrying case or our easy to use model with no cylinder needed.  Protect yourself!

View 10 25 50 Showing all 5 Results
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