Eleminate Microbial Contamination

FQS 1.5 Diesel/Gasoline Biocide

Why Use FQS 1.5 Diesel/Gasoline Biocide For Your Gas Or Diesel Fuel:

The spring and fall of the year is a smart time to examine and treat your fuel systems with FQS 1.5. Spring and fall with hot days and cold nights create a lot of condensation in your fuel. This can only mean one thing for your fuel system, FUNGUS & BACTERIA! Microbes or bugs in your fuel can create tremendous problems for your fuel system in either gas or diesel. Simply use our biocide FQS 1.5 and follow it up with continuous treatment of the specific PFS fuel treatment for your gas and Diesel application.

PFS fuel treatments containing detergent dispersant additive to remove the byproducts and water safely without the use alcohol or solvents. Alcohol’s and solvents may claim to clean effectively but the damage they will do far outweighs what cleaning benefits they may have and alcohol can promote microbial growth. No matter how well you clean your tank you will need to use a biocide, this is the best way to kill them. PFS recommends the use of a biocide at least 2 times a year as a preventive to keep problems from occurring. Like everything else not all biocides are created equal. Use only the Best from PFS – FQS 1.5. Microbicide

Diesel Fuel Biocide Treatment by Performance Fuel Specialists
The damaging effects associated with Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC) are well known and are experienced across the entire spectrum of industries that store, distribute and utilize petroleum bases energy and biomass based energy.  The introduction of Alternative fuels into a well established industry has resulted in some unanticipated & costly outcomes.
  • EPA approved antimicrobial agent
  • Control of Bacteria and Fungi
  • Proven Treat Rate of 1 to 10,000  gal.
  • Fast  Acting
  • Starts Working in 5 Hours
  • Great for Fuels During Storage
  • Kills Existing Microbial Contamination
  • Stops Growth During Down Time
  • Treats  All Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels
  • Stop Problems Before They Start

– 32 oz. bottle treats 2500 gallons of fuel #FQS7010-14TP
– 1 Gallon treats 10,000 gallons of fuel #FQS7010-01TP
– 5 Gallons treats 50,000 gallons of fuel #FQS7010-05TP
– 55 Gallons treats 550,000 gallons of fuel #FQS7010-55TP
– 6 month maintenance treatment recommended
– Call us for contamination treatment & procedures

Because of the complexity of microbial contamination it is critical that your fuel is treated right.

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