Complete Diesel Fuel System Treatment
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Power Plus Diesel Fuel Treatment

Why Use PFS Power Plus Every Time You Fuel?

Power Plus Summer Diesel Formula is the Highest Quality Fuel Additive Package available today. We use the Latest technology and chemistry helping you achieve the absolute highest standards of  fuel quality. Continuous use of our Diesel Packages  will Clean the entire fuel system  and keep it clean indefinitely. It also increases lubricity up to 25%  and reduces your particulate output by up to 75% reducing re-gen frequency dramatically.  This is only a few of the many benefits  of using our complete package additives.  Use PFS Power Plus for summer months and Arctic Xtreme  for Winter.

Note: PFS Products will not void your engine’s warranty and is safe for all fuel systems.

ULSD Tested And Approved

The prolonged use of ultra low sulfur “ULSD” and biofuel ultra low sulphur diesel and Bio fuel has created some new and unique problems in our new and existing equipment. Performance Fuel Specialists is excited to announce our latest   Diesel Supplement specifically for ULSD Fuels and Bio-Diesel up to 20%; plus all the newest diesel equipment. PFS helps you combat the latest problems it creates in new and older diesel equipment. Order Today and see what PFS Diesel Supplements can do for your equipment.



Chart showing diesel fuel lubricity results after supplementing with PFS

Understanding the HFRR testing results: The HFRR test is designed to create a scar (or flattened area on the surface of a steel ball). The width of the scar created during the testing is measured. A wider scar indicates less lubricity, and the number shown in the test results as seen above is the width of that scar. Therefore, the smaller the number shown in the testing results the better the lubricity performance. PFS diesel treatments bring even the poorest of fuels into the recommended lubricity range: under 460. The lower the number the better.




diesel anti gel


diesel anti gel


diesel anti gel


diesel anti gel

Power Plus Diesel Fuel Supplement, 5 gallon, 64 oz, and 12 oz sizes
  • Reducing the sulfur level in diesel fuel also reduces the amount of lubricity and power in the fuel
  • Waxy soapy deposits build up inside of the injectors with carbon easily plugging the very small injector orifices
  • Newer injection systems cycle 3 or more times per combustion cycle creating triple the wear on injectors
  • Reduced Fuel economy and performance
  • Hot fuel return and cracked diesel fuels adds water to your system creating long and short term damage
  • Diesel Exhaust Filters clogged with particulate create run-ability problems with frequent and prolonged regeneration
  • Our latest Diesel Supplement increases lubricity up to 25% and increase power up to 2.5%
  • New detergency additives clean carbon and waxy soapy deposits for 100% cleanup of existing deposits & eliminating future ones.
  • Using PFS every time you fuel provides superior lubrication and extended service life to your injectors and entire fuel system
  • A clean fuel system gets better fuel economy and performance
  • Removing water from the system every time it is used avoids fuel system damage and microbial contamination and more.
  • PFS Diesel Supplements were tested and shown to reduce the particulate output up to 78% keeping your filter clean, longer

Volkswagen Turbo Direct Injected Engine Road Test:

  • Carbon dioxide reduced by up to 3%
  • Fuel Economy saving of up to 3.6%
  • Power increase by up to 2.5%
  • Emissions reduced: NonMethylHydroCarbons up to 78%
  • Carbon Monoxide up to 38%
  • Nitrogen Oxide up to 3%
  • Injector flow improvement of 9.6% at cranking speed (150 RPM)
  • Increase of 1.7% in output horsepower and torque
-12 oz bottle treats 120 gallons of Diesel – #3012
-64 oz bottle treats 640 gallons of Diesel – #3064
-5 gallon bucket treats 6400 gallons of Diesel – #3640
-55 gallon drum treats 70,400 gallons of Diesel – #3704
-275 gallon tote treats 352,000 gallons of Diesel – #3275

Let's Talk Fuel - We Got It Right For You!

At PFS, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fuel additives.

We understand that technology and common sense are key attributes of successful chemical solutions, and PFS embodies this philosophy. That's why we offer a range of specialized additives designed specifically for gasoline and diesel fuels, catering to the unique requirements of each. Unlike many additives on the market that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, we recognize the inherent differences between gas and diesel and the varying needs of summer and winter applications.

Our products go beyond basic solvent cleaners commonly found in the industry. We provide advanced technology that not only cleans but also safeguards and protects your system without causing any damage. PFS fuel treatments address a wide array of issues that solvents alone cannot effectively handle. Our aim is to offer you unparalleled equipment protection and longevity that sets us apart from the competition.

At PFS, We Take Fuel Seriously.

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